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BahtinovA specific mask to align the focus
GuidingA way to use a second camera to guide along stars to prevent the mount from having errors
Plate SolvingUsing software and a captured image to determine where your scope is pointing at in the sky
DitheringMoving the guiding output by a few pixels to shift the image by a tiny bit to prevent fixed noise patterns and missing data by hot pixels
HFRHalf-Flux Radius of stars in pixels which determines how focussed the average star is
ADUAnalogue Digital Unit, the lightness value of pixels (max. 2^BitDepth)
ASCOMAStronomy Common Object Model, a standard protocol for astronomy related device drivers
DSODeep Space Object, anything that does not count as a star or planet
DSLRDigital Single Lens Reflex Camera, typical hand held camera with interchangeable lenses and a mirror for the viewfinder
J2000/JNOWDifferent epochs based on the current time or the year 2000. Used for mount location synchronization
OSCOne Shot Color, typical DSLR or color astro camera
LRGBLightness, Red, Green, Blue – a typical color combination for color images from a monochrome camera
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