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Welcome to N.I.N.A. – Nighttime Imaging ā€˜Nā€™ Astronomy. If you have found this document you have likely already downloaded the software – congratulations for that step!

N.I.N.A. is a software designed for all DSO imagers. If you are totally new to the world of DSO imaging or a seasoned veteran our goal is to make your image acquisition easier, faster and more comfortable.

N.I.N.A. supports a wide range of cameras, mounts and accessories. This is achieved by utilizing the powerful ASCOM platform and vendor SDKs. The software allows you to connect all of your devices in one place and interconnects them in ways to make your imaging workflow as simple as possible, while still maintaining a high degree of customization.

From control of mounts, cameras, focusers and filter wheels to detailed information about your current image with detection of HFR of your stars, useful statistics to determine your exposure time, auto stretching your image results over support for polar alignment, focus, framing, plate solving and target selection as well as generating powerful reusable sequences – this software has it all.

This document is aimed to describe the functionality of N.I.N.A. so you can utilize it to its fullest potential. It is divided into three rough chapters: Quick Start Guide to get you started, Tabs for full functionality, and Advanced topics which should cover everything you need to know to effectively run the software. Should you have questions, issues, want to help development or just want to chit chat with us feel free to join the official N.I.N.A. Discord or record your findings in the official Issues Tracker.

Important notes will appear like this throughout the documentation, if you happen to find a note like this don’t skimp over it!

Please note that images in this manual might not 100% reflect what you see, they will only be updated for a specific section if there actually were some updates in this version.

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