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Prerequisites, Compatibility and System Requirements

N.I.N.A. Download

Minimum System Requirements

Supported Devices

  • Cameras
    • ASCOM camera driver
    • ZWO cameras with native driver
    • Atik cameras with native driver
    • ToupTek cameras with native driver
    • Altair cameras with native driver
    • Canon cameras
    • Nikon cameras
      • Some Nikon models require a serial shutter cable for bulb exposures
  • Mounts
    • All ASCOM compatible mounts
  • Filter Wheels
    • All ASCOM compatible filter wheels
    • Manual filter wheel
  • Focusers
    • All ASCOM compatible focusers
  • Rotators
    • All ASCOM compatible rotators
    • Manual rotator

Please note that for the 64bit version of N.I.N.A. you need 64bit drivers for your ASCOM devices.

Supported Software

Additional Downloads

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