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The Camera panel allows you to connect ASCOM based cameras, various ZWO, Altair and Touptek cameras in native mode, as well as Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. The User Interface consists out of following elements:

  1. Camera Drop Down
    • Select the Camera to connect
    • Canon cameras will show up as their own devices
    • For Nikon you have to select the general “Nikon” option
  2. Camera Settings (ASCOM)
    • Start the ASCOM settings software for the selected camera (if available)
  3. Refresh Camera Devices
    • Refreshes the device list and checks for newly connected cameras
  4. Connect Camera
    • Attempts to connect the camera to N.I.N.A.
    • Nikon cameras can take a bit longer
      > Clearing up the SD card or using no SD card with Nikon cameras will speed up this process
  5. Camera Information
    • Displays various information about the connected camera
      > Please note that DSLR do not report all necessary data
  6. Gain, Offset and USB Limit Settings
    • Allows the change of Gain, Offset USB Limit and Readout Modes
      > Please note that the specific driver has to support this, otherwise it is hidden
  7. Cooler status and switch
    • Enable to start cooling the camera to the selected Target Temperature (9)
  8. Temperature Information
    • Shows the current cooler power, chip temperature and target temperature
  9. Target Temperature setting
    • Allows you to set the target temperature that the camera will try to cool down to
  10. Duration for Cooldown
    • Allows a gradual cool down of the camera to prevent dew from forming
    • Duration is set in minutes
  11. Start Cooling
    • Starts the cooling to the target temperature
    • If Duration (10) is set it will try to achieve the temperature within the given duration
      > Formula used is f(x) = x^3, temperature will be reduced slower over time. Adapted cooling is not yet implemented but might be in the future.
  12. Cooler Power graph
    • Displays the last 100 cooler power readouts in a graph
    • Might be missing values when the camera is downloading
  13. Chip Temperature graph
    • Displays the last 100 chip temperature readouts in a graph
    • Might be missing values when the camera is downloading
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