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Framing Assistant

The Framing Assistant allows you to frame your next shot perfectly utilizing DSS data or images from the previous night. It can utilize plate solving to perfectly align your telescope to the rectangle you select.

For further information about using the Framing Asisstant refer to Usage: Framing with the Framing Assistant

Tab: Framing Assistant
  1. Image Source Drop Down
    • Allows you to change the image source
    • Possible options are
      • Digital Sky Survey: requires an internet connection to download the data
      • From File: can load in a jpg, gif, png or tif file
      • Cache: utilizes the local cache
        > Successfully solved local images and DSS are cached
    • From File will utilize the Blind Solver to determine the coordinates and it can take a while
  2. Coordinates
    • You can set the name, RA and Dec coordinates here as well as the field of view in degrees
    • RA, Dec and field of view are unavailable when loading from file
      > Fields will be populated once the image has been solved
  3. Load Image
    • Starts the image download from DSS
    • Starts the plate solving mechanism when using from file
    • Tries to load the coordinates from cache
  4. Width, Height and Pixel Size
    • Values will be set from a connected camera automatically if available
    • Not available for DSLR users
    • Necessary for the frame size (12)
  5. Focal length and rotation
    • Focal length is not synchronized to the Settings page
      > This allows you to play around with various focal lengths to check your framing
    • Rotation can be set freely and should match your cameras orientation as determined by plate solving
    • Necessary for the frame size (12)
  6. Recenter Image
    • Centers the image on the current coordinates as set by the framing window (12)
  7. Slew
    • Slews the mount exactly to the center of the framing window (12)
  8. Set as Sequence Target
    • Sets the coordinates of the RA and Dec of the framing window as the sequence and copies the name over to the sequence tab as well
  9. Altitude browser
    • Displays the current time, altitude of the target and night cycle
  10. Image display controls
    • From left to right: Zoom in, zoom out, fit image to screen, show image in original resolution
  11. Image
    • The image as downloaded from DSS, cache or autostretched loaded file
  12. Framing rectangle
    • Depends on the camera (4) and telescope (5) settings
    • Can be dragged around with the mouse
    • Can be rotated with (5)
    • Displays the coordinates of the center
    • Center of the framing rectangle can be slewed to (7) or set as sequence target (8)
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