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With the PHD2 tab you can connect N.I.N.A. to PHD2 to send dither commands and receive current guiding information in the User Interface.

For further information about PHD2 and dithering refer to Usage: Dithering with PHD2

It consists out of following elements:

Tab: PHD2
  1. Connect PHD2
    • Attempts to connect PHD2 to N.I.N.A.
      > You need to enable the server in PHD2 and possibly adjust the PHD2 settings in the Equipment Settings
  2. PHD2 Information
    • Displays information about the connection status, pixel scale in PHD2 and the current state of the guider
  3. Y-Axis Scale
    • Allows you to change the scale of the Y-Axis, is affected by (4)
  4. X-Axis Scale
  5. Y-Axis Scale units
    • Allows you to change the scale of the Y axis between arcseconds (recommended) and pixels. PHD2 natively displays information in arcseconds
  6. RMS Display
    • Displays the current Root Mean Square error in RA, Dec and Total
  7. Guiding graph
    • Displays the guiding graph as received by PHD2. Colors are identical for RA and Dec as they typically are in PHD2.
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