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The Telescope tab allows you to connect your ASCOM supported mount, slew it to set coordinates and fully control it manually in every direction, including parking. The User Interface and functionality consists out of following elements:

Tab: Telescope
  1. Telescope Drop Down
    • Select the mount to connect
  2. Telescope Settings (ASCOM)
    • Starts the ASCOM settings software for the selected mount (if available)
  3. Refresh Telescope Devices
    • Refreshes the device list and checks for newly connected mounts
  4. Connect Telescope
    • Attempts to connect the mount to N.I.N.A.
  5. Telescope Information
    • Display of various information about the mount, including most notably Sidereal time and time to meridian
  6. Manual Coordinates
    • Allows input of manual coordinates for right ascension and declination in arc-hours, -minutes and -seconds
      > Please note the coordinates are in the J2000 epoch
  7. Slew
    • Slews the mount to the entered coordinates
  8. Manual Controls
    • Allows you to slew the mount manually north, east, south and west
  9. Manual Slew Rate
    • Allows you to set the mounts slewing rate for manual slewing
  10. Park
    • Parks the mount to its home position
    • Unparks the mount when parked
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