The Planetarium tab contains settings for each of the 4 supported planetarium programs. Currently N.I.N.A. supports Stellarium, Cartes du Ciel, TheSkyX and HNSKY. The connection allows a one way communication of coordaintes from the planetarium software to N.I.N.A.

If a planetarium program is configured, coordinates can be imported anywhere in the program that has the Planetarium Sync Button.

The planetarium options tab

  1. Preferred Planetarium Software

    • This drop down menu selects the planetarium software to be used
  2. Host

    • This is the address the planetarium server is hosted on

      The default 'localhost' will work if you're running the planetarium software on the same machine

  3. Port

    • Each software's server operates on a different port

      It is recommended to leave this as is

  4. Timeout

    • The time to wait for a request response in milliseconds