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Plate Solving

The Plate Solving tab contains configuration options for each supported plate solver. N.I.N.A. currently supports Astrometry.Net, a Local version of astrometry, Platesolve2, ASPS and ASTAP.

For usage of the Plate Solver refer to Advanced Topics: Plate Solving

The platesolving options tab

Plate Solving#

  1. Plate Solver

    • This drop down menu selects the primary platesolver to use

      ASTAP and PS2 are recommended choices

  2. Blind Solver

    • This drop down menu selects the blind solver that is used for inital solves and or backup solving

      The blind solver will be used in the framing assistant and normal platesolving should the primary solver fail.

  3. Exposure Time

    • The default exposure time for plate solving frames
  4. Filter

    • The default filter to be used for platesolving
  5. Binning

    • The default binning to be used for platesolving
  6. Gain

    • The default binning to be used for platesolving

      If empty the current camera Gain will be used

  7. Pointing Tolerance

    • The threshold of acceptable error for recentering in arcminutes
  8. Rotation Tolerance

    • The threshold of accepetable error in the rotation axis in degrees
  9. Number of Attempts

    • Defines the number of attempts for platesolving

      The default of 1 means if a plate solve fails it will not reattempt

  10. Delay between attempts

    • The delay between plate solving reattempts in minutes

    Plate Solver Settings#

  11. Plate Solver Settings Selection

    • This menu displays the currently supported platesolvers in NINA
    • Clicking on each entry will display the corresponding solvers' settings to the right (10)
  12. Platesolver Settings

    • Each solver except will require its install directory to be specified here