Extensible Image Serialization Format (XISF) is an image file format created by PixInsight. It is a free format open to contributions of anyone interested. For more detailed information about the format itself refer to pixinsight.com/xisf.

N.I.N.A. is capable of saving images in XISF format. The XISF format offers a variety of header meta information and N.I.N.A. will populate all available information into this header. A detailed list of all available Headers and their conditions is described below. Many applications can make use of these headers (e.g. PixInsight during processing).

Standard XISF Headers#

  • Version: 1.0
  • CreationTime: Time when the file is created
  • CreatorApplication: N.I.N.A. - Nighttime Imaging 'N' Astronomy

Observation Namespace#


  • Start: UTC time at exposure start


  • Elevation: Elevation (currently taken from a connected telescope)
  • Latitude: Latitude taken from the astrometry settings
  • Longitude: Longitude taken from the astrometry settings


Requires a telescope to be connected

  • RA: Current telescope's right ascension coordinates
  • Dec: Current telescope's declination coordinates


Available when a target is set inside a sequence.

  • Name: Name of object
  • RA: Right ascension of target
  • Dec: Declination of target


Requires a weather data source to be connected

  • RelativeHumidity: Relative humidity percentage
  • AtmosphericPressure: Air pressure in hPa
  • AmbientTemperature: Ambient air temperature in Celsius
  • WindDirection: Wind direction: 0=N, 180=S, 90=E, 270=W
  • WindGust: Wind gust in kph
  • WindSpeed: Wind speed in kph

Instrument Namespace#

  • ExposureTime: Expsure duration in seconds


Requires a camera to be connected

  • Name: Name of camera
  • Gain: Electrons per A/D unit (only available for some cameras)
  • XBinning: X binning factor
  • YBinning: Y binning factor


Requires a camera to be connected

  • Temperature: actual sensor temperature (requires a cooling unit)
  • XPixelSize: Pixelsize
  • YPixelSize: Pixelsize


Requires a telescope to be connected

  • Name: Name of telescope
  • FocalLength: Focal length (taken from equipment options)
  • Aperture: Focal length / Focal ratio (taken from equipment options)


Requires a filterwheel to be connected

  • Name: Current active filter


Requires a focuser to be connected

  • Position: Current step position


Additionally all information that is explained in the FITS description is stored using the FITSKeyword Core Element.