Hey there! My name is Stefan Berg and I’m the creator and head of the N.I.N.A. project. Thank you for your interest!

Working on N.I.N.A. takes a lot of time and the project is gaining a lot of popularity. New features have to be planned, a general roadmap has to be layed out and the existing things have to be maintained by fixing bugs and keeping them aligned with new approaches. Additionally all people interested for contribution have to be guided through their implementation process and their contributions have to be reviewed. There are additionaly tasks like keeping the documentation up to date, venture into prototyping for new technology, planning features, server administration and much more.

I love working on this project with all my heart, but maintaining it is becoming increasingly difficult and without any financial support unsustainable. Therefore I ask for your help to keep up the task.
If N.I.N.A. helps you in your journey for amazing deep sky images, please consider becoming a patreon. Each backer will help keeping the project alive and active.

Thus all this work is only possible through volunteer work and direct support by people like you! You can join supporting my work for the project directly through the possible methods listed below.

One time

Support through a one-time contribution via PayPal!


Support through a recurring contribution via Patreon and become a patron!