Thank you!

To all the people who are supporting my work on this open source project! Each backer will help keeping the project alive and active. 
Your support makes N.I.N.A. possible!

Galaxy (100€/month)

Christopher Stobie

Bright Nebula (25€/month)

Aaron Berner
Dr Max Whitby
eckhard voelcker
Geoffrey Collins
Gil Chesterton
Graham White
Jerry Macon
Marc Blank
Pablo Vazquez
Stefan Zbinden

Globular Cluster (10€/month)

Alan N Brunelle
Alan Rockowitz
Alex Jeffery
Alistair Milne
Andreas Habermehl
Andy Robertson
Angus Fraser
Arjan Brussee
astroguy pd
Bernd Wisotzki
Bill Arden
Brent Mantooth
Carlos Taylor
Carlos Tortolini
chad sullivan
Chris Flory
David Ford
David Mayoral Rojals
David McCallie
Desert Gang
Douglas Triggs
Dr. Georg N. Nyman
Emilio J Robau
Eric Walden
Evan J
Frank Hanson
Frank Rodrick
Gian P
Grant Fribbens
Greg Jones
Greg Kuenzel
Heinrich Dibbern
Igor von Nyssen
Jörg Bullmann
James Begley
James Hutchinson
Jason Coon
Jasper Capel
Javier Heredia
John Hulse
John Sikora
Jonas Van
Kyle Desrosier
Kyle Goodwin
Lloyd Simons
Loran Hughes
Mark A McComiskey
Mark Ellis
Martin Scott
Michael J. Kidd
Milos Stanojevic
Panagiotis Galanopoulos
Patrick Spencer
Paul O’Brien
Paul Picazo
Pete Tuson
Peter De Groot
Phil Misiowiec
Philipp Dreilich
Rick Bohart
Robert Chapman
Ron Or-El
Ryan Haveson
Samir Shahin
Scott Devine
Sid Frede
Stanley Dimant
Stephen Eckenrode
Stephen Eggleston – @rawnoise_astro
Tarun Kottary
Timothy Martin
Tom Palmer
Tristram Cheer
Vipin Kamath
Wim Walk

Previous Supporters

I’m forever thankful for all the people who have supported me in the past! It is highly appreciated!

Furthermore a special thanks to the vendors that are providing help for integrating their product into N.I.N.A.