Thank you!

To all the people who are supporting my work on this open source project! Each backer will help keeping the project alive and active. 
Your support makes N.I.N.A. possible!

Galaxy (100€/month)


Bright Nebula (25€/month)

  • Dr Max Whitby
  • WIT
  • Urs Schärer
  • Aaron Berner

Globular Cluster (10€/month)

  • Jim McPherson
  • Richard Horn
  • Eric Walden
  • Deepanshu
  • Stanley Dimant
  • Lloyd Simons
  • Ed Stuckey
  • Eric Narges
  • Alistair Milne
  • Philipp Dreilich
  • Heinrich Dibbern
  • Paul Garais
  • Zachary Tong
  • Bruce Osterberg
  • Igor von Nyssen
  • Andy Robertson
  • Frank Malterre
  • Graham White
  • James Begley
  • Paul @ Gloria
  • Pablo Vazquez
  • Rockchuck Summit
  • chad sullivan
  • Paul Abbott
  • Marconius
  • Chris Mead
  • Doug Sluyz
  • Derek Derek
  • Alan Rockowitz

Previous Supporters

I’m forever thankful for all the people who have supported me in the past! It is highly appreciated!

Furthermore a special thanks to the vendors that are providing help for integrating their product into N.I.N.A.

  • Nick Smith from Altair Astro for providing a GPCAM2 290C to integrate Altair SDK
  • Elias Erdnuess from for providing multiple Toupcam Cameras to integrate ToupTek SDK
  • The staff at Cloud Break Optics for lending a QHY183C to integrate QHYCCD SDK and also for providing a ProLine PL09000 and CFW1-5 to integrate the FLI SDK
  • Filippo Bradaschia from PrimaLuceLab for providing an EAGLE PC to integrate the EAGLE Manager
  • The staff at Teleskop Austria for providing an MGEN-2 unit as well as a detailed communication protocol document for implementing and fully testing MGEN-2 support in N.I.N.A.
  • QHYCCD for providing a QHY183M and CFW3 filter wheel to test and verify NINA’s native QHY camera and filter wheel drivers