This is the latest stable released version of N.I.N.A.
The version did undergo a fair amount of testing and is stable to use for your imaging runs.

Version 2.0

Offline Manual
N.I.N.A. Setup x86 [32 bit][deprecated]


The beta and release candidate version contains all the new features, bugfixes and enhancements, that are going under a careful test in order to be released for a new released version. Increments of this bundle will contain bugfixes that are found during testing. As no new features are added during the tests, these builds are rather stable and should not contain any major issues for your imaging runs.

Version 2.0 HF1 BETA018

N.I.N.A. Setup x86 [32 bit][deprecated]

Nightly Builds



Sky Atlas Image Repository (1GB) – to provide preview images of sky atlas entries

Offline Sky Map Cache (2GB) – a cache of images to be able to display images of the complete sky during offline framing.

These plates are generated from hips2fits a service provided by the CDS Aladin Sky Atlas using the DSS/STScI survey.
Distribution permission granted by the Space Telescope Science Institute.