N.I.N.A. 2.3

Fresh off the press – a new minor version update for N.I.N.A.
Some small quality of life improvements as well as some important bug fixes have been added.


  • Autofocus triggers will now only trigger when the next exposure would be a LIGHT frame
  • In the Imaging Tab above the image preview, a new button to flip an image horizontally per click is added. Each following image will then also be flipped. This flip is for display only and doesn’t affect the data.
  • When clicking on the load adv. sequence button, it is now possible to also load in a template or a target
  • QHY Cameras with GPS modules can enable the GPS mode via device actions. When enabled the GPS meta data will be put into the FITS header.
  • FITS string value headers can now store longer string values and will utilize the full size of the header card
  • Player One cameras can now start live view mode for plugins that can do so
  • Exposure Mid Point is now captured and stored in the FITS header with the keyword DATE-AVG
  • Log files now automatically create a new log session when hitting the size limit
  • Database entries for the IC catalog have been expanded
  • Introduced a GetLockPosition() method in IGuider, and the associated CanGetLockPosition property in GuiderInfo. Implementation currently only done for PhD2. This is available for plugins to be used.


  • The profile chooser on startup did not remember the on/off selection to save the selected profile
  • Fixed SVBony Native driver, that was sometimes showing the exposure before the latest one after a cancelled exposure
  • Fixed PlayerOne resolution not fully resetting to complete size after subframe or binning
  • Added automatic retry of exposure start for PlayerOne driver when POA_ERROR_EXPOSING error happens
  • Prevent an endless loop in the Canon native driver on image download that would cause the app to hang
  • When a condition is canceled it no longer incorrectly logs the cancellation as an error