1.8 is finally here

Hey everyone,
I am more than happy to announce, that N.I.N.A. Version 1.8 will be officially released! This is a huge update with massive quality of life improvements, bugfixes and lots of new stuff!

Special Thanks

To everyone that participates in our community! Be it by discussing about new features, providing feedback, reporting issues, helping to resolve them, directly contributing code or giving financial support – everything is highly appreciated and will lead to a better overall product. Thank you!

Feature Overview

One of our community members and contributors Stanley made an awesome summary video of the upcoming features. Please go check it out!

About Auto Update

Also part of this update is the new infrastructure for the auto update and this whole new homepage which you are currently looking at.
Previously the auto updater inside the application relied on the bitbucket API and was rather static in its function. For 1.8 this will change and also enable the application to provide not only release versions, but also beta and nightly builds for some early previews. These can be activated by switching the auto update source inside the options.
As version 1.7 still relies on the old auto update mechanism, there will be a two step upgrade when using the auto updater. First there will be an intermediate version 1.7.1 installed, which will make it possible to switch to the new infrastructure to update to the new 1.8 version.
The alternative is to just directly download the 1.8 version from the download section manually and just install it.

I hope you will enjoy these new capabilities.

Wish you all clear skies and happy imaging,