The next release is around the corner

N.I.N.A. Version 1.9 is starting its Beta phase now!
A lot of quality of life improvements have been added as well as a bunch of new features.
To name a few
– Sequence improvements (pre checks and end of sequence options)
– Profiles are now saved separately and you can backup each profile individually
– Star Detection has been improved.
– OSC Camera users can now auto stretch each channel inidividually resulting in a much better preview
– Autofocus got a bunch of new failsafe settings to ensure best focus positions
– FLI Native Camera support
– ASCOM Switches as well as PrimaLuceLab EAGLE control
– ASTAP as a plate solver
– and a lot more…

A detailed changelog of all the new stuff and improvements can be found here.

Additonally to that, a new documentation is in the works. (Get a sneak peek)
If you want to contribute there you can find detailed information how to do so here.

Last but not least a special thank you to all the supporters and contributors. You all make this project possible!