It’s Beta time!

A lot was going on since Version 1.9 was released and it has only been out for 8 months.
The project has grown further and more and more users have joined the community, which is fantastic!

Additionally during the work for Version 1.10 more people had interest in directly contributing to the project and have worked hard on providing new features, fixes, support and also a lot of different translations for N.I.N.A.
A big thank you to everyone who is helping me on this project!

The list of changes are massive, and the change log will get a revamp to better show how much has changed (and I can tell you, it was a lot of change).
At the current state the Nightly Version was already used by a lot of users and it works very well. The current set of worked on features are done and therefore it is now a good time to transition 1.10 to the beta phase, for crushing all the bugs that might have slipped in for the amazing new features the application has. If you find something that is not working properly, please let us know!

I wish you all clear skies and happy imaging!