Update Package 1.10 HF1 available

A new minor version is available for download now, which contains a couple of SDK updates, fixes and small features.

Inside the imaging panel it is now possible to inspect a specific area of pixels by holding right click on the image. This can be useful to determine oversaturation, defects, focus and other things.

For the framing assistant a new Sky Survey Source has been added, which seems like a great alternative to frame images, as it is really fast especially regarding higher field of views. Additionally the images provided by this survey look great and have color.

Another improvement to highlight is a change for Rotators. The angle displayed for rotators did not show the actual sky angle previously. Now after starting a sequence and centering the target and applying the rotation, the rotator value will be synced to the actual sky angle to reduce the confusion users had in the past where these values did not match. This will also make the manual rotator tool much easier to use, as it will always show you the current sky angle that the camera is at and the target angle.
In conjunction with this change a new flag to “reverse” the rotator is added. Some optical systems produce images that are flipped on the horizontal axis, which reverses the rotation direction and therefore must rotate into the other direction to get to the desired angles. Check this option if you are using a system, where the rotator moves the wrong direcion.

Besides these highlights there were also a couple of other small improvements and fixes. For a complete changelog refer to https://nighttime-imaging.eu/downloads/Setup/Releases/