N.I.N.A. 2.0 – Now entering beta

It’s been so long since we started the 1.11 nightlies – and what a journey this has been.
Almost every component in the application got at least some degree of rework. The complete code base has been modularized and was restructured.
Then the new sequencer was introduced. A real game changer for how to plan and execute an image session. It was a huge amount of work, but with the help of everyone and the feedback of the community we got a well oiled machine that will pave the way for the future.
While the sequencer was already quite capable of executing many tasks, there was still the need for really specialized use cases – the plugin framework was born. At first limited to the sequencer, but then extended to the imaging tab itself and more.
These plugins can break the borders of N.I.N.A. for those in need of their special abilities, without cluttering the app for others that don’t need these capabilities.
Who knows which great features will be added by the community through plugins in the future – the amount of possibilities is only restricted by imagination!

Due to these big changes, a mere minor version would not do justice to all the work.
Therefore N.I.N.A. Beta 2.0 is now available!

Let’s together find all the remaining issues and bring it to a new stable released version!