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Enhance documentation


Thank you for considering a contribution to N.I.N.A.'s documentation!


The documentation is using MkDocs. A in-depth guide on how to set it up and how to use MkDocs can be found on their project homepage MkDocs In summary you need:
- Python
- Pip pip install --upgrade pip
- Install MkDocs and needed plugins: pip install mkdocs mkdocs-material mkdocs-with-pdf
- A markdown editor of your choice

Building the docs#

MkDocs offers a neat built-in server feature to build and preview the documentation on your local machine on the fly. Each time a file is saved, the local server is updated automatically. To run the server simply run the serve command and open your browser on the indicated address.
mkdocs serve

Branching Model#

This project is utilizing a standard git flow where it has the following branches
master: all officially released code
hotfix/: used to fix issues inside master
release/: when preparing a release with new features a temporary release branch is created for that new release
bugfix/: issues that are found during a release will be fixed here
develop: a general develop branch that will contain unreleased new features
feature/: new features that will be developed and merged to the develop branch

A more in-depth guide about this model can be found here

The most relevant branches are master and develop. These branches all have a separate page for documentation on the homepage. This enables users that will use for example the released version of N.I.N.A. to have a separate documentation, compared the ones that use the nightly builds and already want to see new features described.

Pull Requests#

  • For contributing to this documentation you should fork the repository
  • Inside your fork you can make your changes
  • Once you are finished with your planned changes it is time to put up a pull request from your fork to the master repository
  • Make sure that only relevant changes are inside the pull request
  • Check that the documentation builds properly using the serve command
  • Try to create one pull request per feature
  • Create your pull requests for new features only against the develop branch

Updating the homepage#

The documentation on the homepage is updated automatically via bitbucket pipelines. Each time a pull request is complete, the pipeline will build the docs and upload the changes to the homepage. There is no action required by a contributor for this.